Any difference in getting my divorce lawyer to draft my will vs an estate planning firm? Concerned abt will processing after death. My divorce lawyer has changed firms; do I approach her previous firm or her new one? Does my case follow the lawyer or the

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    answered on 16/06/2018

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    With regard to the issue of getting a divorce lawyer over an estate planning firm, it depends on the core issues of your will. If your will is relatively straightforward, your divorce lawyer should have the competence to draft your will, as do all Singapore qualified lawyers. If the issues are more complex, then it is possible that an estate planning firm may provide you with more nuanced advice. With regard to the drafting of the will, you as the client have the right to choose whether to engage her previous firm or her new firm. However, since you are familiar with the particular lawyer, you may wish to engage her new firm. If you are asking about your previous divorce case, the same applies. As the client, you may decide whether you want the previous firm to continue handling the case or to transfer your case to her new firm.

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  • Yes! you can change law firm if you don't satisfied. tanleeandchoo 14/08/2018