I lent $10000 to a colleague of mine. She mentioned that she will pay it in installments starting July. but now she ain't responding. I don't have an IOU but I have all the whatsapp chats and the wire transfer details. Any possibility of a legal c

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    answered on 11/08/2019

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    You may consider engaging a debt collection firm to recover the debt for you, and such firms typically require proof of the debt before pursuing a claim on your behalf. The debt collector may take a cut of the recovered sum plus an upfront fee. Alternatively, a lawyer can be engaged to issue a letter of demand on the debtor. If the debtor ignores the letter of demand, legal proceedings can be commenced to recover the debt. If the debt is straightforward and supported by strong evidence, summary or default judgements may be obtained and a full-blown trial may be avoided. Alternatively, you can turn to mediation to resolve this matter. For more information, please refer to https://singaporelegaladvice.com/law-articles/how-do-i-recover-a-debt-from-a-personal-loan-made-to-a-friend-in-singapore-does-it-matter-if-i-have-an-iou/

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